Teamwork & Motivation in Leadership

Tuesday 27th June, 2017

Leadership goes beyond the individual in charge; how we work

together and motivate each other is essential to success.

Speakers will discuss why it’s important to introduce the values that will be covered across the LEx series and what makes great

leadership in the 21st century.


Speakers will discuss their personal stories and how their values shape their leadership, and how collaboration and teamwork is an essential pairing to leadership and creating bold, innovative ideas.

Session Speakers

Chris Ferreira is the Director of The Forever Project and has over twenty years experience. He has taught over 120,000 people through his award winning programs such as Great Gardens and Heavenly Hectares.


Chris is an established leader in sustainable living with projects like the Hamilton Hill Sustainable Home – the only sustainable home retrofit project in WA, and TFP's innovative Food Theatre programs.


Chris has many media roles including hosting the GGTVwebseries, presenting on Garden Gurus, appearances on local radio such as ABC 720, Curtin FM and 6PR, regularly contributes to The West Australian, The Sunday Times, Hoofbeats and The Countryman.

Rosanne Scott is the founder and director of Perth City Farm which has been running thriving in East Perth for 23 years.


Rosanne achievements in Western Australia started long ago; she was the person who started the Community Gardens sector of Men of the Trees with a team of young people, and became the first woman president of the Men of the Trees from 2004-06.


Rosanne and her team have, planted tens of thousands of trees in the Wheatbelt through Activate Tree Planting events with NFP Avongro. She created the Pia project which brought young city people to work together with the Wadjari people to help build bridges with local aboriginals.


Her work has seen her awarded with the Paul Harris Fellowship by East Perth Rotary for service to community, and was placed on Conservation Council of W.A’s Honours List for her contributions.

Chiu Chi became Chair of Hawaiian in 2000 and holds a number of international Board positions.


Starting his career with a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Western Australia, Chiu Chi has been a director of a major Malaysian property group since 1979.

Chiu Chi initiated the company philosophy of "the unity of business and people". Under Chiu Chi’s stewardship the company strives to reflect human values of which we can all be proud.


As much as Hawaiian is a business, it is a collective of people that take a long-term perspective around the growth of the communities in which we operate.

Hawaiian’s position in the property sector is been directly accredited to the atypical approach. Outside of Hawaiian,


Chiu Chi has helped guide many educational organisations in Perth, Kuala Lumpur, Nepal, Thailand and Singapore. He is also founder and director of the spiritual healing centre Blue Body.

Session Facilitator

Sandra Kremple is a media personality who has presented on prime time live shows for both radio and television, directed cultural presentation at world expos and was the music advisor for the 1991 South Pacific Games Opening Ceremony.


Sandra’s great community engagement and cultural planning methods have been applied across Australia and internationally with NFP organisations, businesses and government.


Sandra also was key in the establishment of the King Street Arts Centre and in 2016 she received her PhD in Spirituality and community development.