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Session 2: Resilience & Perseverance

Session ran July 27th

Speakers: Brad Pettit, Greg Hire, Pilar Kasat & Levi Islam

Session 3: Mindfulness

Session ran September 21st

Speakers: Andrew Hughes, Cameron Norsworthy, Beant Hergo

Session 4: Spirituality, Ethics & Sustainability

Session ran November 30th

Speakers: Chui Chi Wen, Sandra Kremp, Father Peter Manuel

Four Pathways to Success

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

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This incomparable audio program, based on Dr. Dyer's book Manifest Your Destiny, will guide you to new levels of self-awareness and self-mastery. Dr. Dyer explains the four specific pathways to success-discipline, wisdom, unconditional love, and surrender-and shows how you can apply them to your life in order to be more powerful, peaceful, and conscious than you could have ever imagined!

The Importance of Being Extraordinary

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer,
Eckhart Tolle

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Taped on location in Hawaii, this audio program provides a rare opportunity to listen in on a profoundly moving dialogue between two of the three "most spiritually influential people alive"* Dr. Wayne W. Dyer and Eckhart Tolle delve into everything from ancient spiritual texts to contemporary pop culture as they tackle questions we all wrestle with, such as Who am I? What is real? and What is the meaning of life? Yet even as they discuss weighty topics such as the economy and addiction, the mood remains graceful, loving, and even humorous. 

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