Mindfulness in Leadership

Thursday 21st September, 2017

This session will explore the ‘science of the mind’, utilising new techniques and philosophies to discover and overcome what could be holding us back from leading extraordinary lives.


Speakers will explore the connection between being mindful and how

this can help with achieving leadership success.

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Cameron Norsworthy is the Performance Director at The Flow Centre in Australia, author, coach and speaker surrounding topics on flow, performance, creativity, and well-being. He has been privileged to coach numerous sporting World Champions, executives, entrepreneurs, and high profile military personnel.


Cameron is passionate about disseminating information on flow theory and practice, and coaching people to optimise their lives and work. Cameron is a qualified and accredited personal and business coach (ICF and post graduate training) and provisional sport psychologist. He was awarded the Outstanding Academic Achievement Prize for reports surrounding flow and performance, and has presented his work to the British Psychological Society, International Coaching Federation, WIB, Tennis Australia and many other organisations. 

Recently Cameron has signed a contract with his agent, Curtis Brown, and literary publisher, Macmillan, for the rights to a book on flow, performance and mental management that is planned to be released early 2018.

Session Facilitator

Chris Ferreira is the Director of The Forever Project and has over twenty years experience. He has taught over 120,000 people through his award winning programs such as Great Gardens and Heavenly Hectares.


Chris is an established leader in sustainable living with projects like the Hamilton Hill Sustainable Home – the only sustainable home retrofit project in WA, and TFP's innovative Food Theatre programs.


Chris has many media roles including hosting the GGTVwebseries, presenting on Garden Gurus, appearances on local radio such as ABC 720, Curtin FM and 6PR, regularly contributes to The West Australian, The Sunday Times, Hoofbeats and The Countryman.

Beant Peter Hergo is German born, a Clinical Psychologist in private practice in Fremantle who has worked in the field of mental health for almost 20 years.


He has facilitated regular group weekends in a therapeutic method called Systemic Family Constellations, which has also been very successfully applied in modern management in corporate contexts, since 2005.


Beant also worked for many years as a KundaliniYoga teacher. He holds a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology and post-grad degrees in systemic therapy and psychodrama. He also has additional trainings as a Karam Kriya consultant.


Beant believes that we have to change the world one person at a time, that everybody is born full of purpose and that a big part of life’s journey is to find it and to follow it.

Andrew Hughes understands what it takes to achieve personal potential and why most people never get close. With an unrelenting focus on getting better, Andrew is a country boy, show pony, self-help enthusiast, accountant, litigation lawyer, business leader, midlife crisis doer, online marketer, leadership trainer, executive coach, motivational speaker, charity change agent … lived in that order. 

An enthusiastic people and personality researcher happy to be the guinea pig for the next new experience, Andrew has been busy living and finding out what does and doesn't work for people in the context of their personality and potential. Andrew has helped many thousands, from school children to work teams to CEOs to athletes to entrepreneurs to understand and overcome what’s been in the way of where they want be.

As a speaker, Andrew is known for his energised, entertaining and practical presentations, brought to life through humorous and real story telling. He provides audiences with powerful insights into why they behave the way they do and how individuals, businesses and leaders can overcome the thinking and attitudes that are at the core of every crisis, poor communication and ineffective relationship.