We keep hearing it - this is the 'new norm' and those of us in the sustainability space have been warning about the 'new norm' for a long time... when it comes to fire  in the Australian landscape, you you don't need to look far to see just how out of touch things are!

At The Forever Project, we have been working towards educating communities in the space of Fire Resilience for years; but unfortunately it has become blindingly apparent that the message is not spreading far enough and the uptake of information not deep enough.

We have been racking our brains; trying to come up with a new approach to help the convince the government (local councils, state and federal) that this education is absolutely vital and must be available to everyone living in or around fire prone areas (and even those with native bushland reserves in their suburbs).


The solution? We want to put the power in your hands.

In order to obtain funding and support to run these programs throughout Western Australia, we'll need to prove there is demand - and exactly where that demand is.

We want YOU to tell us what Fire: Recovery & Resilience products you're interested and what suburb you live in. We'll let the data roll in, and with this information we can approach your local council and request their support to offer our workshops and events in your area, to your local community.

Please see our FRR products below, and complete this form if you want to help us make a difference!

Product 1
Bushfire Blitz

Our bushfire and landcare experts will set up on your street corner – the old fashioned approach that directly connects with people in high risk areas. Each property owner will be given a print out aerial photo of their property so that the 4 key fire preparedness steps can be discussed and participants can draw their own plan of action. Discussion will focus on reducing fire loads around dwellings and appropriate species and mulch for gardens. Participants will be surveyed for their knowledge on Fire preparedness and will be given the opportunity to attend a 3 hour Fire: Resilience and Recovery workshop at their local Shire/Council Offices to expand their knowledge and develop their plans.

Product 2
Fire: Resilience & Recovery Workshop

Overall property layout and design

  • Specialist advice and design ideas on setting up and retrofitting a rural/ peri urban·property to reduce and minimise the impacts of fire, drought and impacts of climate change in general - both to the homestead area as well as the wider property.

  • Managing fuel loads on the property

  • Bushland management to reduce the risk of fire through bush regeneration, weed control and mosaic burn programs for bushland fire safety and biodiversity


  • Specialist advice on: fire retardant plants and landscaping techniques with an emphasis on helping participants work out the various threats to their property, how to mitigate the worst of these effects and how to design management actions to get the most effective fire design safety outcome.

  • Techniques to improve fire design safety through increased food production strategies - especially orchard & vegetable garden design

  • Techniques to help landscapes & homesteads most effectively recover post fire - focus on reducing impacts of erosion and weed influx

Building design and retrofit

  • Specialist building design and retrofitting advice from an experienced Architect focusing on reducing the threats from fire, design features and the best tools to help landowners combat an advancing fire, techniques to make the homestead more energy efficient, and strategies for climate change resilience.

  • Assistance to help landholders meet the new BCA for fire safe design

  • Special design advice on techniques to maximise drought proofing and climate resilience with special attention on building design and retrofit to maximise positive outcomes.

  • Specialist presenters in this field include some of Perth’s leading experts - Chris Ferreira, Sid Thoo OR Ben Tremlett (Architects), FESA community liaison reps, and specialist nursery advisors to help select and order appropriate species.

Product 3
Fire: Resilience & Recovery Expo

This full day event features stalls and information from varied stakeholders giving info on products and services that mitigate and reduce the impact of fire on properties.

We have specialist speakers from DFES, bush fire strategy specialists, expert architects, landcare specialists plus much more.

Stalls are also set up for the day with information such as:

· Fire Mitigation Services    · Diversified Fire Services    · Leaf Gutter Guard    · Fire proof plants    · Earth Moving

Our lead presenter facilitates a workshop style event and invites all stall holders to speak about their products and the part they play in retrofitting or ensuring the home and land as fire safe as is possible.

Product 4
'Hope in the Hills' Bus Tour

This is the latest FRR product and has been designed as a 3 hour bus tour to capture the interest of those resistant to a more formal sit-down workshop or Expo format and are keen - as practical learners - to see examples of fire safe designs and to meet real people who are making changes to their homes and properties to make them more safe and sustainable. It can also be an excellent forum to gain knowledge through practical ‘in the field’ examples of the most recent fire safety concepts, especially since the new Australian Standards are making it hard for affected rate payers to feel comfortable and in control of this information

Product 5
Property Planning Course

This is a full day course with a small group of participants. The maximum of 15 properties
enables one-on-one learning opportunities with the presenters.  Each property owner receives  a map of his or her property with over-lays to assist in the design process.

Session 1: Introduction to the planning process - Reading your aerial photo – what does this map show and tell you about your land and your surrounding area – such as the potential risks, threats & opportunities emanating from this study.
Using the aerial photo, identify key existing features such as major planning information -
prevailing winds, fire threats, how to use the scale & establish length of fence lines etc.

Session 2: Soil assets summary and land management units - Participants will map the Land Management Units found on their land, this will help to plan for a climate resilient landscape, effectively ascertain fire risks and make sense of the various components found on their property.

Session 3: The Landcare 'Your Home and Land Blue Print  - This session is where we bring it all together. Participants will create their third overlay with topics of interest, but will generally include fire retardant revegetation, fire safe landscape design, windbreak design, bushland management, perennial pasture establishment, revegetation principles, principles of weed control, mosiac burn strategies.

Part of this program will include techniques on how to prioritise fire safety resilience works over the years, creating a monthly calendar to help catalyse works to be undertaken efficiently with a special section on how to gain community support to enact fires safe design programs/initiatives on the property.

Session 4 – The Bushfire Safety Survival Plan

This part of the workshop is designed to empower people on how to develop their  own bushfire survival plan and it seeks to instruct them on how to use it during an event. Realistic bushfire scenarios are discussed to demonstrate how it is used.

Product 5