We keep hearing it - this is the 'new norm' and those of us in the sustainability space have been warning about the 'new norm' for a long time... when it comes to fire  in the Australian landscape, you you don't need to look far to see just how out of touch things are!

At The Forever Project, we have been working towards educating communities in the space of Fire Resilience for years; but unfortunately it has become blindingly apparent that the message is not spreading far enough and the uptake of information not deep enough.

We have been racking our brains; trying to come up with a new approach to help the convince the government (local councils, state and federal) that this education is absolutely vital and must be available to everyone living in or around fire prone areas (and even those with native bushland reserves in their suburbs).


The solution? We want to put the power in your hands.

In order to obtain funding and support to run these programs throughout Western Australia, we'll need to prove there is demand - and exactly where that demand is.

We want YOU to tell us what Fire: Recovery & Resilience products you're interested and what suburb you live in. We'll let the data roll in, and with this information we can approach your local council and request their support to offer our workshops and events in your area, to your local community.

Please see our FRR products below, and complete this form if you want to help us make a difference!

Product 1
Bushfire Blitz
Product 2
Fire: Resilience & Recovery Workshop
Product 3
Fire: Resilience & Recovery Expo
Product 4
'Hope in the Hills' Bus Tour
Product 5
Property Planning Course
Product 5

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