Our new home!

In time, this website will be home to the not-for-profit arm of The Forever Project. Here, we will focus on community and fundraising initiatives that endeavor to protect our natural environment, enhance education in sustainability and inspire creative communities.
For the time being, you will find information on our fabulous competitions and giveaways, tickets and registrations for our awesome events, and plenty of details on new initiatives and projects... like our 'Leadership Excellence Series' (2017) or Urban Tree Symposium (2018).

If you're looking for our events calendar or videos, head to www.theforeverproject.com.au here!

Our vision is to inspire and empower real and lasting change across communities.

At The Forever Project we aim to educate people about meaningful, valuable and useful sustainable practices so that everyone can live a happy and fulfilling life in harmony with the natural environment.

The Forever Project provides leadership and advice for a positive future. We advocate rewarding, healthy, meaningful and environmentally conscious lives. This is achieved through an inspiring range of interactive educational initiatives.


We want to demonstrate that leading a more environmentally aware life is not just good for the planet but that sustainability can also create personal fulfillment and generate significant economic benefits.

The Forever Project is founded on over twenty years of tirelessly pursuing sustainable solutions and brings together some of Australia's most experienced and passionate experts.